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My name is Gary Poole and I’ve been a professional punter/tipster for well over 20 years and in that time I’ve established myself as one of the most respected tipsters in the UK.

Over the years I’ve worked tirelessly to gain a good knowledge and understanding of horse racing, which has enabled me to produce an ever-growing source of winners. My winning formula has had the bookies running scared ever since I decided to dedicate my working life to horse racing back in 2002 and due to the size and regularity of my wins, I’ve had many of my online accounts either restricted or closed. But as we all know, in this day and age the bookies don’t like you beating them at their own game and quickly place restrictions on accounts as soon as they suspect you may be a winning punter, and like many other punters I feel this to be extremely unfair, in fact downright greedy!

So ever since these ridiculous restrictions were put in place at the merest whiff of a winning punter, my goal in life has been to offer my services to fellow punters like yourself, so that you also can have the chance to take as much money from those greedy bookies as you possibly can. It’s guaranteed to happen eventually, but when you do finally get restricted, just keep on opening account after account and beat them at their own game!

As a member, every evening I send a small handful of selections with my analysis for the next day of racing to you. All you need to do is then follow my advice and sit back the following day and enjoy the racing, while averaging over £400 per month to just £20 stakes!


Hi, my name is Jamie Maynard, I’m 29 years old and have been following Horse Racing for 15 years now and have always been into writing. I worked for the Sporting Life for 4 years and during that time writing many horse racing articles and columns, I thought it was about time that I began writing my own blog which you can view here MY RACING BLOG

I’ll be posting daily tips every evening (later that Gary)  each with reasoning for my selections with advised stakes and of course I will be keeping an updated profit/loss (P/L) record for you all to see my progress. Also, for mostly the main racing meetings (festivals) along with big Saturday meets, I’ll be previewing selected races and advising what I believe to be the best bet.

My usual price of tipping a horse is anything from 3/1 & above, but will on the odd occasion go below that if I think such a horse should take some beating. I like to look for some value as over the years I’ve found that you lose more money in the long run backing the shorter priced horses as you do the larger ones.

I will post which bookmaker offers the best price on each selected horse and such is the modern day almost all bookmakers are now offering Best Odds Guaranteed (B.O.G) which will be filtered in the P/L records, along with any Rule 4 deductions which might occur.

I hope you enjoy what I have to offer on here and hopefully can make you some money along the way!


First Month/Quarter Profit Guarantee

We are so confident that we will make you a profit that we are offering a full refund on your first month OR three month subscription.
If you don’t see a profit during your first month/3 months then just send us a message and we will refund you with no questions asked.



150pt Starting Bank

A good sized starting bank is   recommended just to be on the safe side.

Tips Via Email

Every tip will be sent via email, through the members area

Tips Between 7pm to 8pm

You’ll receive tips Monday to Sunday between 7pm to 8pm (possibly later on some days) including a notification on days with no tip

Profit Made So Far £11,930.58

Yes… That’s how much Gary and Jamie have made their members since they began in 2017!


Don’t worry you’re in safe hands. Here’s just a few reasons why…

Experience: Between them over 30 years

Reputation: Widely respected in the Horse Racing world
Support: 24/7 customer support


What makes the Bookies Enemy standout from the crowd?

Choice: Both national hunt and flat racing covered

Rationale: A detailed analysis on each selection

Value: A full 30 day money back guarantee

There are a lot of good tipsters on the internet but i firmly believe that Bookies Enemy is the best of them.

Firstly you get tips that are fully backed with with great reasoning and even when they do not win you can at least see the train of thought behind the selections. Secondly, it is a great service for long term profit, many tipsters come and go but bookies enemy appears ot outlast them all and that alone tells its own story. 

The customer service is second to none, any issues they will resolve right away which is not always the case. Finally and perhaps most importantly this service is fully transparent both in the results and from the tipster himself. There is no beating about the bush, no excuses and no covering up.


Brad Stevens

There is so much to like about this service.
Nice early posting of selections, regular winners and placed horses, odds vary in size but plenty of big priced winners. additional multi bets advised at sensible stakes. I enjoy the feeling of seeing another winning bet romp home.
Although no write ups currently, I’m very confident that only selections considered to be value bets are posted.

If Gary did write ups, I will still back each one every time. I’ve made a handsome profit thanks to Gary’s impeccable ability to select good priced winners. I hope he will be around for many of years to come. Great to be part of a truly successful tipping service.


Mark C

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£1,121 Profit in 3 Months
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“The results speak for themselves, this really is the real deal. I’m delighted to award The Bookies Enemy the first five star rating in my time as Head Reviewer”

£1,040 Profit in 3 Months
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“All in all it has been impressive stuff from the Bookies’ Enemy and this is one we will be adding to our portfolio for the long-term”

£959 Profit in 3 Months
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“There isn’t much one can find to fault The Bookies Enemy. The profits are excellent, the ROI superb and with an average of just two to three bets per day it isn’t at all time consuming”

£1,318 Profit in 60 Days
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“This system has performed remarkably well and finished well in profit £1324.47, with an exceptional ROI of 64.17%. This reinforces the results of previous Geegeez reviews”